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Guest List
   Name         E-mail Addr              old/present PF addr      dates lived in PF     Comments
Ed & Tracy (Oliver) Nelson 73 Marquette
255 Allegheny
Mantua St
Somonauk St
285 Green

We will Definately be there.
R.E. Class of '81
Sharon Adams 251 Fir St,
Miami St.
1950-60 Graduated '62 at R.E. - hope to be there to see everyone!
Joan Mondlock-Katz 108 Warwick,
29 McCarthy,
211 Indianwood
Mark Osterling 111 Peach 1955-67 Rich East Class of '67
Jim Gilmore 458 Lakewood Blvd 1961-79 I'm creating a documentary about PF and will be filming during the 4th. Looking for people to interview and old home movies!
John Dolske 219 Dogwood St 1951-67
Drew Morton 311 Springfield
405 Indianwd Blvd
I'll be there with my girlfriend, Melissa
Judy Lohr 148 Hemlock,
213 Sauk Trail,
313 Sangamon
maiden name Kaufer
Adrian Takir(bernstein) n/a 10/54-8/72 Will try to attend!
Therese & John Goodrich 47 Apple Lane,
35 Cunningham Ln
Philip Goodrich 47 Apple Lane 1959-81 Lets all go to the Aqua Center
Gregory Randall 157 Algonquin 1954-57 I am also the author of the new book on Park Forest, "GI Town," Park Forest, Il the Village that Changed America, to be published by Johns Hopkins University Press in the fall of 1999
Jerome Courshon 117 Warwick St n/a It was a GREAT street to live on as it borders Central Park, which was a perfect place to escape to when we would cause trouble. On second thought, we never caused trouble, we were angels...:)
Alan Fried 29 Michael Rd,
172 Lester Rd,
145 Hay Street,
318 Springfield,
464 Springfield.
Arrived March 1955, left March 1980 My Dad, Bernie Fried owned Park Forest Realty. At Rich Central, I was on the Arabic Club and Mydnite Skulker.
Arthur Fried n/a 3/55-8/78 Haven't been back since March, 1990.
Benjamin Pfeifer n/a 9 Ash Street 1950-53
Karen (Pfeifer) Kjelstrom 9 Ash Street 1950-53 n/a
Jane Paraday Stone 520 Wildwood 1964-75 Rich East Class of '74, Siblings- Jim, Frank W, Cherie and Patti, Parents- Frank R and Betty Paraday
Peter Magnusson 26 Cedar St.
9 Dunlap Rd.
115 LaRue St.
Sept '49 thru July '65 Many memories growing up in this wonderful town: wooden walkways, court parties, open spaces, forest preserves, shopping center. We were very lucky.
Ralph Forlenza ralph forlenza 43 ash st. 1951 first complete graduating class from Rich East in 1956. Father was first postmaster of Park Forest
Teri Daniels (Tomchek) n/a 356 Winnebago n/a n/a
Erin Hisel 229 Tampa St I was born and raised in Park Forest. I lived at on Juniper Street in a Co-Op as an infant. I then moved to Garman Street until I was five. My family then moved to 235 Farragut St from 1978-1990. I am now raising my own family, along with my husband Patrick, on Tampa Street in Park Forest. Park Forest offers so much for a family, I don't know that I will ever leave here!
Beth Palid (Schmittgens) 223 Mantua St 1965-88
Pauline Mansfield 303 (?) Juniper St
Michael Jerome Ferris n/a Lincolnwood n/a n/a
Esther Lamb 3454 Western Ave
215 Indianwood
1953 to present n/a
Jolene McNamara Western Ave
319 Wildwood
Bob and Denise Ellis N/A 192 Ash St
71 Fir St
n/a n/a
Donna Fraser 89 Cedar St 1959-70 What a great place to grow up in!
Sue and Larry Karns 245 Krotiak 1982-96 Moved into Area J Co-op. Will always love the flowering trees in the spring lining the streets of Park Forest.
Rob Long 161 Park Rd
448 Shabbona
I've lived many places the last 25 years but Park Forest is "home". See my story in the "memoirs and reflections" link.
Nancy L Mysogland-Forlenza @NETSCAPE.NET 233 MARQUETTE n/a n/a
Michele bledsoe 264 arcadia 1981-85 I attended blackhawk jr. high school graduated in 1972,my family still lives in the Beacon Hill area of district 163
Tammy Wheeler 318 MARQUETTE 1972-92 Lived at that address along with other family members Allen,Lorraine,Renee,Kenny Wheeler.
Mark Grambauer Stormygram@aol 117 Well St 1957-81 What happened to the Park Forest Plaza?
Don Yuzeitis 406 Todd 6/71-6/87 n/a
James Burdett 503 Wildwood previous n/a
Joe Bartnik 201 Washington
34 Birch
Alicia Whitmer ALICIAW29@HOTMAIL.COM 225 Sauk Trail 1970-87 I loved living in Park Forest, and am looking forward to moving back sometime soon!! I graduated from Rich East in 1987.
Paul Bartnik 201 Washington
435 Neosho
Felice Cambridge (Nevils) 275 Mohawk
517 Antietam
Hi to RE and RC class of 79. See ya at the party
Donna Dettbarn 84 Cedar St 1966-70 Great place to live, kid friendly, co-ops were condusive to meeting neighbors and making friends. Snowstorm of 68? showed the spirit of the people
David Myrow 324 Marquette
464 Lakewood
Hoping to join in the celebration and catch up with old (and middle-aged) friends!
Ed Hartmann N/A 7 michael rd 1988-present we enjoy all the trees and walks in the woods!!. its a great place for our kids.we will be happy to be park forest guest.
Annamae Gongola N/A 216 indiana 6/66-92 n/a
Mary Beth Hafner-Phebus 111 Warwick 1976-84 See you in 2001
Andrea Coppold (Litin) 235 Marquette
124 Wilson
Rich East'70. Many happy memories of PF especially my early years on Marquette. I was lucky to know the Gladstone, Newstat, Nelson, McMurray, and Mysogland families and others. I return to PF to visit my parents Al and Helen often.
Brigit Brettman 2671 Western
70 Birch St
10 Bigelow Rd
Graduated Rich East in '94.
Jose Regalado 422 S Orchard n/a Looking forward to reunion and seeing old friends Mike Hogan, the Hoffman clan and Holly Norman. e-mail is welcomed
Phil Goldman 259 Forest Blvd 1949-80 259 Forest Blvd was original address and lived their from 1949 until my parents Norma and Morry Goldman moved in 1980. My family which includes my sister Ruth who graduated in "67" and I graduated in "64" loved Park Forest. There will always be a wonderful feeling in our hearts for having grown up in such a wonderful town. The open space, the schools, Aqua Center, Bowling Alley, and the Shopping CTR which I guess is not what it once was, was all really great growing up. I always tease my wife Jan who is from Beverly neighborhood in Chicago and my daughters Erin and Meg, that I will retire in Park Forest. Probably not that bad of an idea, but it is hard to go home again!!!
Get in touch if you like to e-mail or would like to just chat about PF.
Bob Mason 92 INDIANWOOD 1949-57 (1ST APT ON DOGWOOD)
Leo Orsi 314 Osage 1951-69 Best years of mine and family, which includes my wife Annamae and our six children, Leanne,Jim, Ron, Judi, Susan and Theresa. Hi to all the old timers. Sorry I will not be able to attend the celebration.
Jane Nicoll n/a n/a "Does anyone have a "Jaunty Jester costume from Community Children's Theatre? If so,bring it and call me before the parade. 708-748-3731
Carl Stover n/a n/a n/a If you were in any school band, bring your instrument along. Connect with others through the visitors center and form a marching unit for the parade. 708-481-4252
Greg Muchnik 51 Apple Ln 1971-89 Apple Lane block parties were great! Growing up in Park Forest was a lot of fun with my brothers Aaron and Eric, the Goodrich gang (thanks for the fort), Rick and Scott Croy, Rob and Dylan Putnam, Seth (sorry we never returned your encyclopedias), Kevin (the only one unscathed by the mud-ball incident). Probably not as much fun for all of our parents.
Jacquie Lemon-Lovett 108 Forest
202 Juniper
Unfortunately - I will not be able to attend the Fourth of July festivities. My folks still live at 202 Juniper and my Dad is President of Area J and has done an outstanding job of managing this Coop through many years with a reflection of the pride of the people who moved there to raise their families. I get home as often as I can. Park Forest was an ideal place to grow up and I miss it.
Jack Lemon 202 Juniper 1963-present Board of Directors Area J Co-op, President 33 years. Leader in National Association of Housing Cooperatives, Leader in upkeep of local housing stock,Leader in support and continuing improvement of Park Forest
Jordan Adler n/a 1965-80 Graduated Rich East in '76.
Schaper N/A 129 Well Street present N/A
Allan Fritz 334 Waverly St 1970-present resident of Park Forest since October 1970. Still here and appreciate our stay everyday.

25/27 Hemlock
199b Lester
160 Lester
taught at Lakewood School
Robin Sullivan 228 Berry 1966-94 n/a
John and Ann Meagher n/a 26 Braeburn Present n/a
adrian bernstein-takir N/A 1955-72 sorry i missed the party! was in town recently and glad to see changes. keep it up and keep all involved!
Phil Williams 176 Washington NA REHS '82
Tony Huguley 322 Blackhawk NA Lived in Park Forest as a child. Rich East Graduate (class of "79")
Sue Judd NA 1954- Moved to PF in 1954, lived in the rentals on Dogwood, then bought the house at 270 Green. I have wonderful memories of growing up in PF, the pool the plaza, the grill,the friends. My father still lives on Green (mom passed away 7 years ago). Believe it or not, I am still close friends with some of my high school friends, Sue Schaller, Sandy Klein and Judy Zippert. I will always love PF and will always consider it my home. My maiden name is Planet, feel free to write me if you remember me!
Judi Orsi 314 Osage St 1955-68 Went to St.Irenaus until 1968. Loved walking up to the plaza, going to the Theatre, 4th of July in Central Park, and the big Art Show. Great place to grow up.
Michelle Eads 316 Somonauk
115 Westwood
I had no idea that the 4th of July was such a huge reunion event in PF! I'll let Robyn(Steinberg) know and maybe we'll show up next year! Perusing the REHS Website has been a wonderful, heartwarming trip down memory lane!
David Weicker DWeickerSr@AOL.COM 218 Washington 1961-87 Parents Jim and Marge still there. Great place to grow up. Washington st block parties still memorable
Rex & Georgia Daniels 243 Miami St 10/52 - 10/78 We are now living in Florida. Park Forest was a wonderful place to raise our children. They attented Mohawk, Blackhawk, and Rich East. We had no idea you were having this celebration until we saw it on the net. If anyone remembers us please E-mail.
Gil Bardige 246 Krotiak
32 W Rocket Cir
Have been back at least 4 times over the years, the last two with my children. Things have changed and remained the same in many ways. Fond memories of a safe, happy, full childhood. Latest story was a visit to Richton Park Barber Shop, driving by decided to go in. Like I was in a time warp. All three of the barbers who gave me my first haircuts were still there sitting in the chairs. After introductions they asked about my Mom and my brothers--what a memory!
Harold and Louise Carls 321 Shabbona Dr 11/52 - 8/79 Couldn't make the celebration, send regards to everybody!
Lisa Jackson (Frutiger) 3450 Western Ave I moved to Birmingham Alabama in 1978. I would like to hear from old friends
Bill Tann 52 Fir Street 1953 - 67 Graduated from Rich East in 1962. Would like to hear from old friends!
Brad Guthrie 17 Dogwood 1958-65 Great place to grow up. Ayyended 20th H.S. reunion and it was like the "Twilight Zone" what happened to the shopping center? Things change. High School days were great. We went 8-0 my senior year in varsity football. Good luck everyone!
Julie Brakebill-Hacke 64 Hemlock 1969-79 I enjoyed living in Park Forest....Class of 1975 Looking for Debbie if anyone knows where she is I'd love to know....
George Thompson 420 Suwanee
343 Marquette
209 Shabbona
We moved to Park Forest in December, 1952, soon after my 3rd birthday. I attended Mohawk Elementary, Westwood Junior High, and Rich East High (Class of 1967). Since my wife is from the South, after living in Park Forest again for a couple of years after our marriage, we moved to Florida in 1982 and to Louisiana in 1990. I would love to hear from anyone who knew me or our family from 1952 to 1982!
Kristine Nordtvedt 159 Nashua st 1954-64 I missed the celebration however I am desperately looking for people I grew up with when I lived there from the years 1954-64. It is very important that I find at least someone. I attended blackhawk elem and jr high schools. Please help me in my quest as there is a very important reason I need to do this!!!! thank you,Kris
Jim Harper 458 Shabbona
351 Oakwood
Graduated from Rich East in 1972. My home town, Park Forest, was a great place to grow up--happy 50th, PF! Hi to all our family's old friends.
Dean Schuldt 266 Lakewood
233 Krotiak
Now lives in Frankfort, Il


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